Kamelia Beach Bistro
Skala Potamia - Thassos

Welcome to Kamelia Beach Bistro

Welcome to Kamelia Beach Bistro, a feast for the senses right by the seaside on the stunning island of Thassos. Starting early in the morning, wake up to the sound of the waves gently touching the shore as you are sipping on freshly brewed coffee and munching on sweet and savory delights. Throughout the day, a selection of healthy snacks and light meals made by hand-picked local and seasonal ingredients will fill you with the energy you need and offer you a taste of Mediterranean bliss.
Enjoy memorable moments in Thassos island - Kamelia Beach Bistro

Enjoy memorable moments in Thassos island

In an idyllic setting, get excited over signature cocktails along with classic drinks and special malts, beverages, and fruit juices. Immerse in the ultimate holiday experience, surprising your palate while taking in that lovely Aegean vibe. Enjoy memorable moments with your precious company, whether you are a guest at Kamelia Hotel or not. Have a taste of Greek hospitality at its finest, as we are looking forward to meeting you at our cute bistro by the sea!

Delicious snacks & cocktails

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